The Wrap-Up

The time has come. The class is over. Somebody queue up the fat lady to start singing. Let’s review some of the highlights of the quarter. Things are about to get emotional.
First things first: Inbound Marketing. I think this is easily one of the best things that we learned all quarter (except for coding maybe, but that comes later). Essentially, inbound marketing is a marketing technique, where the marketers are creating content that consumers want to come see. This is a major shift in digital marketing. For one, it shifts from the traditional notion of trying to get consumers to come to your site based on referrals from your ads (banner/display for example) and instead creating content that is what consumers want to see. For example, you could be a business who sells cooking supplies. As part of your inbound marketing campaign, you could have a section on your site dedicated to recipes that consumers can access for free. It’s a simple thing, but creating something that builds your relationship with your customers can really help your business.

Second major takeaway from this class- coding is insanely important for marketers to understand. Even though marketers don’t have to code as part of their everyday job, it is still a great skill to have. This is because being able to look at a website’s design and coding and being able to make fixes without having to go through an IT department is great to have. It’s just an additional that we now have which differentiates us from every other marketing student that doesn’t know how to code. Is that a vast majority? I’m not sure. But I’m going to imagine it is, and therefore inherently better.

The final “big” takeaway was the difference between earned, owned, and paid media. Earned media is pretty much when a company creates something (which is considered to be owned media, because you own it) and “the people” take notice. Usually this is through social media sharing. At least, to me, that is the most common version of earned media. Paid media is also pretty straight forward. It consists of ads you pay to have seen. The most common version of this is the banner ad, that terribly annoying thing you see at the top of websites, and they usually look “spammy”. However, there is a form of paid media that is pretty good; native advertising. To me, native advertising is when a company creates content, and it is sponsored. By that I mean, VW might sponsor a post on Buzzfeed. While it comes across as an article, it is actually considered paid media. This is why I think of it as a combination of owned and paid media. It is definitely going to become much more prevalent in the digital marketing industry.


So, those are the big takeaways from the quarter. While this blog post is in no way an entire wrap up of the quarter, and all of the concepts we covered, it briefly covers the most important topics (at least, for me) that we covered in class.

A really great thing about this class is that we are able to earn certifications. One of these certifications is for the Hootsuite social media dashboard. I did finish the course, and passed the certification exam, which is something that is probably going to be pretty useful in the future.

hootsuite stuff

be proud of me

Another certification that we made the opportunity to earn was Google Analytics. The exam for it was in no way easy. The first time I took it, I missed by one question. Needless to say, I was not happy. However, when I retook it, I passed with an 85%. This was much more satisfying for me. Being certified in Google Analytics is a really good extra certification to have.


Man, if I had a dollar for every certification I got this quarter, I would have $2. Not bad.

The final topic to cover in this blog, the blog itself (so meta).

Overall, throughout all of the posts (excluding this one) I wrote a total of…… 16695 words. Not bad.

And, now for the most important part of the blog, the views.

blog traffic


Facebook helped me out quite a bit

Yes, as of this writing, this blog has about 1,226 views. Not bad!

So, that’s it. The blog is over. I would say to go home, but that doesn’t really work if you’re online… You’re probably already home. So, just close the window? I’m not sure what to say here…
Thanks for reading!